SN Programme Name Fee Mode of Study
1 Diploma in Accountancy with IT 1,108,000 TZS Full Time
2 Diploma in Computer Networking 1,108,000 TZS Full Time
3 Diploma in Computer Science 1,183,000 TZS Full Time
4 Diploma in Information Technology 1,183,000 TZS Full Time
5 Diploma in Mobile Application Development 1,183,000 TZS Full Time
6 Diploma in Multimedia 1,183,000 TZS Full Time
7 Bachelor Degree in Accountancy with Information Technology (BA-IT) 1,833,000 TZS Apprenticeship, Full Time
8 Bachelor Degree in Computer Science (BCS) 1,833,000 TZS Full Time
9 Bachelor Degree in Cyber Security (BCSe) 1,833,000 TZS Full Time
10 Bachelor Degree in Education with Computer Science (BECS) 1,733,000 TZS Full Time
11 Bachelor Degree in Information Technology (BIT) 1,833,000 TZS Full Time
12 Bachelor Degree In Multmedia and Mass Communication 1,733,000 TZS Full Time
13 Master of Business Administration in Information Technology Management (MBA-ITM) 4,395,000 TZS Blended Learning, Full Time
14 Master of Information Security (MIS) 5,995,000 TZS Blended Learning, Full Time