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The department of Informatics is under The Directorate of Undergraduate studies which offer an opportunity to study various programmes from Certificate level to Bachelor Degree level . The Directorate hosts three other departments under its umbrella which are Department of Accounting and Finance, Department of Business Manageme nt and Department of General Studies. These departments run various programmes in which are taught using Competence-based Education and Training Curricula.

Programmes Offered

Computer Science

Computer science provides skills and knowledge which are essential in a wide range of computing and computer-related professions. It has a huge impact on modern society as it is the cornerstone of all of the digital technologies that we use in our daily lives.

Information Technology

Information technology is the design, development and management of computer hardware, software and systems. It also covers the administration and support of networks and databases in a business context.


Informatics Department in Numbers
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Apart from these Activities our department also oversees the work of student led programs and clubs that let our students become leaders as well as great programmers.

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